collage, street photography and mix-media

collage, street photography and mix-media

Véronique Lerebours' determination to discover and venture is infinite, always capturing the present moment!  Contemporary French artist's nomadic world travels are reflected in her meditative and spiritual exploration of various projects including world sacred music, photography and collage.

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City Collage - Collage Exhibition by Veronique Lerebours in NYC!

Saturday, March 12, 2016  

NYC Digital Photography Workshops presents:


An exhibition of 18 photographers and Artists...
One-day, one-person show! 

City Collage

A Collage Exhibition by Véronique Lerebours

(All friends and art lovers are welcome - ART FOR SALE)

Wine RECEPTION & Music from 4-8pm  



Free Admission Ticket (Art Enthusiast) or Discretionary Donation (VIP Art Enthusiast) for the charity pick: Art Start

Caelum Gallery - 516 West 26th Street, Room 305, NYC 10001 - Directions

For more info: Dwan M. Wayand - Curator

About the artist: 

Véronique Lerebours' nomadic world travels and her passion for art, sacred music and street art, influenced her meditative and spiritual exploration of various projects also reflected in her collage making and photography. Self-taught French artist creates stylized and colorful collages, blending different and luminous material from places she's been with her dreams and her passions like India or Africa.
Véronique uses natural pigments, watercolor and acrylic in her collages, incorporating also her own photography; all of which she melds together to project her musical thoughts, meaningful and sacred messages into each distinctly beautiful and organic creations. "Véronique's collages and mixed media works offer the viewer powerful, unique, and mysterious images. They take us on a journey of deep exploration to engage and enchant us!" Pauline Roony Yeargans, Art Consultant

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Photo:  "Manhattan Bridge - Reflection" by Véronique Lerebours - 2015Transfer, Photography, Paper on Bristol - 14x17" 

Using or copying the artwork without prior permission from the artist is strictly prohibited. 

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